This release is now out of beta. See the official release notes here.

Beta Release Date: March 5th 2015

Note: Windows Server 2008 (pre R2) is no longer supported starting from V5.7.5

New Features

  • New Text Widget (Link)
  • New Table Widget (Link)
  • Filters can be reordered
  • Dashboard color palettes (Link)
  • Export widgets as images (Link)
  • Configurable Contributor/Consumer roles (Link)


  • Significant performance improvements in concurrent usage environments
  • Sisense login page credentials can be saved by the browser
  • Titles in indicators are now back, after having been removed in 5.7
  • New On/Off button for filters (Link)
  • New On/Off button for widget fields
  • Chart X-Axis labels can be manually adjusted to avoid trimming
  • Fields within formulas can be easily filtered/edited (Link)
  • Hovering over filters displays more info
  • Open ElastiCube Manager directly from the browser
  • Numeric formatting is affected by the OS locale and can be overridden (Link)
  • Email reports show the dashboard owner as sender
  • Our Splunk Provider now supports scheduled jobs

Selected Bug Fixes

Sisense Web App:

  • Export to pdf would return a “ReferenceError” on certain machine configurations
  • PDF exports would not always render maps correctly
  • Dashboard filter member weren’t affected by data security rules
  • New ElastiCubes wouldn’t immediately be available for dashboards in certain scenarios
  • White labeling issues such as page title and ‘Sisense’ occurrences
  • Grand Totals would not always get updated after drill-downs
  • Pivot headers on IE10 could become misaligned in certain scenarios
  • Sorted chart axis labels would ignore upper/lower case
  • Maps would not highlight selections correctly in certain selection combinations
  • Email reports wouldn’t show secondary indicator values


  • Build failures with the error “The underlying provider failed to open”
  • Large numbers of complex calculations on a Pivot could corrupt it
  • Very large Excel 2013 files could take extremely long to build
  • Builds with CSV files could fail in certain open quotation marks scenarios
  • Builds with CSV files that were created on OSX would fail
  • Failed accumulative builds could leave ElastiCube in invalid state


  • Arrays were not accepted in the ElastiCubes/Data Security API calls
  • Disabling email notification through the API would not always take effect
  • Active Directory wouldn’t accept users with special characters
  • ‘Resend Invitation’ wouldn’t be sent out on some machines