This release is now out of beta. See the official release notes here.


Beta Release Date: December 17th 2014

New Features

  • Download dashboard as pdf or image (link)
  • Pivot Subtotals for all aggregations and formulas
  • New Providers
  • New Widgets
    • TreeMap (link)
    • Calendar Heatmap (link)


Sisense Web App:

  • Table-like sort – The Pivot can be sorted by any column if it contains non-grouped data
  • Word Wrapping in Pivot headers
  • The data browser responds to faster typing and returns results faster
  • Scatter Maps can show more details in the tooltips
  • Scatter Maps can be used as selectors
  • Clearer ‘Drill Up’ and ‘Clear Selection’ buttons with responsive design
  • Text selection is possible in Pivots
  • Improved error messages


  • Improved high-concurrency performance

Selected Bug Fixes

Sisense Web App:

  • Email reports wouldn’t be sent out on certain corporate configurations
  • Exporting large data sets to CSV from widgets could fail
  • Text wasn’t encoded right for some languages when exported to CSV
  • Functions in conditional formatting were not affected by the widget categories
  • Pivots highlight/slice modes didn’t work when affected by a dependent filter
  • Changing filter selections could add an ellipsis to indicator titles


  • Wrong build duration could be displayed in the ElastiCube Manager
  • Using multiple lookup fields would consume too much memory
  • Accumulative builds could crash in specific text field scenarios
  • Failed builds would hang in “Building” state in certain scenarios


  • Drilling would not work on certain devices