Release Date: August 16th 2015

Release Summary

  • Bug fixes and improvements release

Important Notice for Google AdWords users:

The Google AdWords API has been updated to the latest version – v201506. This API version includes changes to some of the AdWords predefined columns. Consequently, it is required for you to click refresh in the ‘Change Connectivity Settings…‘ window next to your AdWords data source and rebuild your ElastiCube. Unless this action is taken, your ElastiCube build will fail due to the change in Google AdWords schema. 


New Features and Improvements

  • ‘Background Filters’ for limiting filter contents (Link)
  • User defined default dashboard filters (Link)
  • Drilling:
    • ‘Drill to Anywhere’ configuration option in widget editor (Link)
    • Set ‘Drill to Anywhere’ default in custom user roles (Link)
    • Predefined drill hierarchies can be set to always be included for field (Link)
    • Display the current drill level as part of the breadcrumb
    • Ability to rename/change a single hierarchy level in the hierarchy management
  • Support for importing multiple Excel files (Link)
  • Improved Pivot performance
  • Prism Shell (psm.exe) now supports changing datasource connectivity settings (Link)
  • When sorting Pivots the first click applies a descending sort
  • Designers can now copy shared dashboards
  • Support for map selections on tablets
  • Save confirmation when editing a widget script
  • Support for offline activation in silent installations

Selected Bug Fixes

  • Pivot scroll bars would not show up or not behave as expected in some cases
  • CSV export error 500 – “Specified value has invalid control characters”
  • In specific drill and filtering scenarios grand totals would display wrong results
  • IE11 would not function as expected in some SSO configurations
  • Embedded dashboards would show navigation panel on errors
  • Color formatting in indicators did not respond to formulas
  • Drill breadcrumbs are not displayed in ‘No Results’ scenarios