Beta Release Date: June 29th 2015

New Features and Improvements

  • Manual ‘Apply’ option for filter panel (Link)


  • Apply multiple conditions in a single filter (And/Or) (Link)


  • Lock filters to restrict dashboard viewers (Link)


  • New Calendar filter with more functionality (Link)


  • Continuous time series and missing values handling (Link)


  • Add/Edit widget title from dashboard (Link)
  • Add/Edit axis titles in charts (Link)
  • Set axis range & interval in charts (Link)


  • Pivot Performance improvements
  • More accessible highlight/slice widget configuration (Link)


  • Scatter charts marker size controller
  • Accumulative tables are highlighted in ElastiCube Manager (Link)

Selected Bug Fixes

  • Scrolling issues in pivots
  • First dashboard load could fail on stopped ElastiCubes
  • PDF export glitches in widget with long titles
  • Various ElastiCube build failures
  • Past Month calculations on last days of month were non-standard
  • Data Browser didn’t respond well to quick typing in big ElastiCubes

More features that will be released with 5.8 (but are not part of the beta):

  • Predefined drill hierarchies and breadcrumbs
  • Custom SQL for database connectors
  • Ability to cancel widget loading
  • Display row count in table info
  • Reduced memory consumption in builds
  • Support for MongoDB replication for easier disaster recovery setups