Release Date: June 7, 2016

Release Summary

  • Improvement and bug fix release

Downgrade & Compatibility Limitation

Some ElastiCubes that have been used in V6.2.5 will not work with older versions of Sisense. In this case, they will have to be rebuilt with the older version. For additional information contact us through our Help Center.

Javascript Changes

Following infrastructure improvements in our Javascript framework some changes might apply to plugins. Additional information can be found under the Developer Release Notes 


  • Support for custom email servers. (Documentation)
  • New help section in the menu bar of the Sisense Web Application with links to Sisense forums and documentation. For OEM customers, click here to redefine these links.

Selected Bug Fixes

  • Bar/Column chart legends do not match the order of the data displayed in the widget.
  • Dashboards shared with Admins group are not displayed in the administrator’s dashboard panel.
  • When creating a new dashboard with a long name, the full title was not displayed. You can now view the full title in the tooltip.
  • When using the ‘Between’ condition in a numeric filter, the ‘from’ value was displayed as the ‘from’ and ‘to’ values.
  • Filters pane can’t be minimized when embedding dashboard on iPads.
  • When clicking the menu or filter buttons in some tablet devices, the dashboard is moved off screen.
  • When refreshing a widget, the ‘Widget affect dashboard filters’ checkbox is cleared even if selected previously.
  • ElastiCube set permissions defined via the UI were not always saved.
  • Setting ElastiCube set permissions via the API prevented designers from creating dashboards.