Beta Release Date: February 3rd 2016

New Features and Improvements

Dashboard Management Enhancements

  • Copy widgets across dashboards (Documentation)
  • Attach pdfs to email reports (Documentation)
  • Re-sizable dashboard panel
  • Share dashboards directly from the navigation tree

Data Connectors

  • New Google BigQuery connector (Download)
  • New Hive connector (Download)
  • SSL support for MSSQL and MySQL


  • Import tables between ElastiCubes via Sisense ODBC (Documentation)
  • New API 1.0 functionality
  • New statistical functions: Rank, Intercept, Slope
  • New mathematical functions: Log, Ln, Exp, Mod, Quotient, Ceiling, Floor, Round, Sin, Cos, Tan, Cot, Asin, Acos, Atan, Sinh, Cosh, Tanh
  • Custom SQL in database connectors now includes SQL validation

More features that will be released with 6.2 (but are not part of the beta):

  • Single/Multi-node non-stop accumulative builds
  • Sub-Folders for dashboards
  • Search for dashboards
  • Change dashboard owner from the sharing window
  • Graceful failures in scenarios where system runs out of memory