Beta Release Date: June 29th 2016

New Features

Introducing High Availability with Sisense

  • Ensure uptime for mission-critical environments
  • Scale out components for high concurrency scenarios
  • Failover for every component – no single point of failure
  • For more information, click here

Introducing Sisense.js

  • Load Sisense runtime anywhere, without iFrames
  • Load or create dashboards in runtime
  • Render all/part/new widgets in any DOM container
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  • Week time resolution
  • Updates to the following connectors

    To update your connector to the latest version, uninstall the current version of the connector. Then, download and install the latest version.

Selected Bug Fixes

  • Custom SQL queries are not visible when changing connectivity settings for imported cubes
  • MongoDB ODBC connections do not display the query in the preview screen
  • Sisense version number overlaps the browser scroll bar on the home page of the Sisense Web Application
  • 100% zoom warning message is displayed even when the browser is set to 100%

Features that are not part of the 6.4 Beta Release

  • Generic REST Connector
  • Sisense localization for the following languages:
    • Chinese (Simple)
    • French (France)
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese (BR)
    • Russian
    • Spanish (ES)
    • Spanish (LA)

6.4 Beta Limitations

Weeks-time Resolution:

  • The week hierarchy is not automatically available for drilling down in widgets that were created prior to 6.4. Designers can add the week hierarchy manually.
  • Changing the first day of week after using a dashboard or widget filter/drill with weeks in use might lead to bad results. To resolve the issue, the week filter should be removed and added again. For instructions on how to define the first day of the week, click here.
  • Sisense does not support the following functions when working on the week level: Growth/Growth Rate, Running Sum/Avg, Past Value, and Prev/Next.

Sisense JS: Sisense.js overrides the “Date” prototype with the “toISOString” function.

High Availability: The Sisense build node that distributes ElastiCubes to your query nodes does not support concurrent builds.

Connectors: After upgrading to the latest drivers, ElastiCubes that import tables from MongoDB/BigQuery/Hive using the lastest drivers will not be backwards compatible with the pre-6.4 drivers.