Beta Release Date: November 10, 2016

Announcing Breaking Changes for Sisense JS


To ensure that Sisense JS continues to work after installing Sisense 6.5, your Sisense HTML content must be encapsulated within a Div element with the ID “sisenseApp”.

This is required for all Sisense.js scripts whether or not your website uses the Angular framework.

For more information, click here.

New Features and Improvements

Introducing Sisense Pulse

  • Create alerts for data and system events and be notified via email, mobile, built-in feed, or across 3rd party platforms like Slack and Zapier
  • Allow Sisense to intelligently identify anomalies in your data based on machine learning algorithms
  • Easily monitor important KPIs from multiple dashboards from the new Sisense Pulse page
    For more information, click here.

New Conditional Statements

  • Conditional statements are now supported in formulas using IF and CASE functions. (Documentation)

Accumulative Builds Enhancements

  • Query ElastiCubes during accumulative builds
  • Automatic roll back to your last successful build if an issue occurs

New Data Connectors

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Analytics
  • PayPal
  • DynamoDB
  • QuickBooks
  • HubSpot

If you are interested in implementing any of these connectors during the 6.5 Beta period, contact your Customer Service Manager.

Support for SSO with SAML 2.0 Authentication

  • Sisense now supports SSO using SAML 2.0, in addition to the previously supported SSO using JWT, to allow easy integration with SAML-based authentication systems (Documentation)

Sisense Web Application UI Enhancements

  • Enhanced Sisense Web Application UI with a sharper, fresher look

Angular Support Enhancements

  • In addition to supporting Angular 2.x, Sisense 6.5 adds support for Angular 1.x. This enhancement allows you to embed SisenseJS on sites in which Angular 1.x and 2.x have been implemented.  For more information, click here.

Selected Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, the Formula Editor did not recognize parentheses as legal expressions
  • Negative fractions in formulas may cause the Formula Editor to incorrectly calculate the result
  • The Area Map and Indicator widgets were not translated when switching between languages in the Sisense Web Application
  • When importing tables from an ElastiCube through the ODBC driver, queries were not displayed in the Preview area
  • Emails were sent an hour later than scheduled following changes to daylight savings
  • When creating new dashboards or changing a dashboard’s ElastiCube, the full name of the ElastiCube was truncated in the dashboard selection menus
  • Pie chart labels were partially displayed after drilling down
  • Very large tables imported through the Zendesk REST Connector may cause a build to fail
  • When importing tables through the Hive ODBC driver, queries were not displayed in the Preview area
  • Drilling into a dimension with a one filter, and then drilling into the same dimension with another filter displayed the results of the first filter applied
  • Widget animations in Internet Explorer 10 did not run smoothly
  • Widgets labels and legends were partially displayed in Internet Explorer 10
  • In some cases, the ElastiCube-to-ElastiCube ODBC driver timed out during builds where large amounts of data were imported

More features that will be released with 6.5 (but are not part of the beta):

  • Box Plot widget
  • Support for authentication through Active Directory including multiple domains
  • Native mobile alerts in the Sisense Mobile application
  • Enhanced performance for Sisense Mobile application by running on-top-of Sisense.js


Sisense Pulse Limitations

  • Alerts are not supported in High Availability deployments.
  • Currently, Sisense supports up to 30 alerts per user, including those created by the user and shared with the user.

Accumulative Builds

  • The first time you run an accumulative build, Sisense copies the ElastiCube to your server. While the ElastiCube is copied to your server, you cannot query the ElastiCube.
  • In the event of a build failure, the ElastiCube with the last successful build may be unavailable while it is copy and pasted on your server.
  • Your server should have enough disk space available to support a copy of your ElastiCube in case an error occurs during a build.

Downgrading from 6.5

  • In the event that you need to downgrade from Sisense 6.5 to an earlier version, please contact Sisense Support who can execute the necessary scripts to ensure Sisense works properly.