Beta Release Date: June 27, 2017

Before You Upgrade to Sisense 6.7

Sisense has made significant changes to its infrastructure including upgrading to a newer version of its application database (MongoDB), which supports the Sisense Web Application.

To make your upgrade as seamless as possible, see the Sisense V6.7 Upgrade Guide before upgrading to Sisense V6.7.

Sisense Web Application Server

Following your feedback, Sisense has removed the NGNIX web application server and reverted back to IIS as our web application server. If you installed Sisense V6.7.0.9 beta, you should uninstall Sisense, and install the latest version of the Sisense V6.7 beta.

Breaking Changes

Application Database

Sisense has improved the security of the application database included in the Sisense installation. All access to it must now be authenticated. If you access the application database directly, you must access the database with users created by Sisense during the Sisense installation. For more information, see Accessing the Application Database.

Access to the Application Database is now limited to the localhost. See Access Control for information on how to provide access to the Application Database from external IP addresses, if needed.

High Availability

If you have implemented replica sets to support a high availability deployment, you need to reconfigure your replica set to work with the MongoDB V3.4 supported by Sisense, and to use the relevant database user credentials. For more information, see Replica Sets.


ElastiCube Memory Settings

If you have set a specific percentage for ElastiCube memory usage in the ElastiCube server settings, it will be changed back to ‘Dynamic’ by default to support the new Garbage Collector mechanism. Contact Sisense Technical Support if you believe this may have any negative effect on your performance before making any changes. 

Google Adwords and Google Analytics

If you have customized your Google Analytics or Adwords files GAnalytics.Tables and AdWords.Tables XML files in the following directory:

%AppData% \Roaming\Sisense\Prism\LocalRepository2.0\Resources\Google\Analytics (or Adwords)

you should move these files to the following directories to continue using the Google Analytics and Google Adwords connectors without any interruption:



If this directory does not exist, create it and then move your XML files to this directory.

New Features and Improvements

Enhanced Sisense Reports and Pivot Exporting

  • Export pivot tables to Excel while maintaining your pivot’s layout and structure
  • Export pivot tables into customizable, multi-page PDF reports

Sisense Narratives                                        

  • Add automatically generated text to popular widgets that communicates your analytics and provides insights of your data
  • See Sisense Narratives for more information
  • This feature is available for customers who purchased the NLG package. For details contact your CSM.

Plug-in Management

  • Manage your plug-ins from a centralized UI in the Sisense Web Application
  • Control which plug-ins are enabled or disabled

Data Connectors

  • Google Analytics connector enhancements  (Documentation)
    • Support for segments, filters, and sorting
  • The following data connectors are now available in beta
    • Sharepoint
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    • Contact your CSM for the latest beta connectors

Sisense Mobile

  • Drilling is now natively supported in Sisense Mobile
  • Focus on a single widget to easily view and interact with the data using mobile app gestures such as (two fingers) zoom in/out
  • SSO support

See Viewing Dashboards on Mobile Devices for more information. Contact us for the beta version of the Sisense Mobile app.

ElastiCube Engine

  • The system automatically detects and avoids Many-to-Many scenarios caused by dashboard filters
  • Enhancements to the memory Garbage Collection mechanism provide up to X10 performance improvements under high-load & memory intensive circumstances

Improved Application Database Security

  • Authenticated access to the application database
  • HTTPS support for connections to the application database
  • Access to the application database is limited to the local host. You can add access from external IP addresses, if necessary.


  • New Running Sum Function – Accumulate a running total of a value. Now available in the quick function menu and the formula editor as RSum()
  • ElastiCube sets now include a failover option. You can define a cube that will be the failover option for an ElastiCube set, and will only be used if none of the other cubes in the set are available (Documentation)
  • Optimized bulk report sending – Identical reports are generated and sent as one report with multiple recipients instead of multiple reports. This reduces the server load during report generation.

Select Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, the Sisense Web Application could not locate the ElastiCube associated with a dashboard
  • When a dashboard was not imported successfully, no error message was displayed
  • Some custom REST connectors were displayed as Live connectors when adding a live connector
  • When browsing locally in Sisense V6.4.1, a blank page was displayed when opening the Sisense Login page
  • Refreshing the connectivity settings deleted custom import queries
  • The Sisense MongoDB ODBC connector V2.2.1 could only import 4096 rows
  • When a broken value was present in Column, Bar, Line, or Area charts, the Drill Into option was not displayed from the dashboard
  • In some cases, the text widget may not appear as expected in the Sisense Mobile app
  • The ElastiCube server crashed when importing an .ecdata file in some circumstances
  • Build failures when importing data from Google Analytics that generated error 403: Rate Limit Exceeded were resolved
  • When implementing localization, the POST and PATCH Settings/Globalization endpoints in the REST API did not update the date and number formats as expected

More features that will be released with 6.7 (but are not part of the beta):

  • Client Facing Monitoring which provides customers with monitoring information about their system, including system utilization (CPU, memory and disk space), cube build times, dashboard query times, and more. This service will be available as part of the “Advanced IT Package”.


  • Exporting a Pivot table to PDF is supported for up to 10,000 rows only and the following plug-ins are not support:
    • Embed images to Pivot tables
    • Conditional format Pivot foreground
    • Embed a sparkline chart into a Pivot
  • When exporting a Pivot to Excel, formatting and data-bars are not supported
  • Running Sums (RSUM) are not supported on live data sources
  • Grand-Totals break the entire query (widget error) when used in conjunctions with the function
  • Sub-Totals are aggregated as an independent series, which is distracting and logically inaccurate
  • Date dimensions with selected ‘Week’ granularity are not supported when used as filters
  • Relations between tables with 2 or more ‘Join on’ conditions (links) are not optimized
  • Sisense V6.7 does not support FIPS 140-2. This issue is currently planned to be resolved in Sisense V7.0
  • During the upgrade process for high availability deployments, the following files are overwritten:
    1. default.yaml
    2. Sisense.WebQueryService.exe.config
    3. Mongodbconfig.conf
      Configuration updates performed on these files, will need to be reconfigured following the upgrade