In chart widgets (such as LINE CHARTS, AREA CHARTS, COLUMN CHARTS and BAR CHARTS), you can represent one or more selected field(s) using a different visualization than the visualization of the original widget.

For example, the following example shows a LINE CHART in which the Total Revenue is still represented as a LINE CHART (the default), but the Total Quantity is represented as a COLUMN CHART.


To select a different visualization for a field in the widget:

  1. In the Widget Designer, in the VALUES area, right-click the field that you want to change.
  2. Select Series Type from the menu. A menu of alternative visualization types is displayed.
  3. Select the visualization to use for this field only.
    Tip: If necessary, drag the field up or down in the Widget Designer to have a visualization brought to back or front. 

Note: The chart keeps the same visualization type as was originally created. The Design panel still displays only the design options of the widget’s original visualization type.