Object Linking and Embedding Database

The OLE DB provides access to a data source via an installed driver on the operating system regardless of the architecture of the data source.

In Sisense, it serves as a connector to data providers that are not included in the common providers list, such as MS Sql, MySql, Oracle and so forth.

Adding a table to the ElastiCube manager:

  1. Click Add Data on the top menu of the ElastiCube Manager.
  2. Under the Database servers category select Generic OleDB Driver.


  1. In the Data Link Properties dialog, select a connection by choosing the relevant OLE DB driver and the connection properties.


note [alert type=”success” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″]When the data source server requires a login credentials, you must select the Allow saving password checkbox.

Follow all wizard steps and click OK  to move to the final dialog.[/alert]

  1. From the tables selection dialog, select tables that you want to add and click Add to complete the wizard.

Note: You may need to update the executed table query described below.


Setting the table query (Troubleshoot)

ODBC and OLE DB are generic drivers; therefore the SQL syntax being executed against the actual data source may vary from one provider to the other.

Sisense sets by default the standard SQL for the ODBC/OLE DB tables which covers most of the known data providers. For cases where non-standard SQL must be supplied, the table addition dialog provides a quick preview of the current SQL query and an edit button which opens the Query Properties dialog.

In the Query Properties dialog, two options are available:

  • Auto Query Structure: Choose the proper SQL syntax delimiter
  • Manual Query Input: Type the desired query.

Note: The automatic options can be applied on the current table or on all tables, while the manual option defines a single table and can only be applied on the current table. The Apply All and Apply Table buttons will be enabled according to the selection made.

Misc Troubleshooting:

  • When an ODBC table is added by a DSN connection, the DSN must exist on the target ElastiCube Server machine, or else the server will fail to connect and import data from that table. In general, setting a connection by a DSN (not by connection string) is not recommended practice.
  • Regarding ODBC only, ensure that the addressed ODBC driver platform (32 or 64 bit) matches the current installation of Sisense (Manager and Server). Platform mismatches will lead to connectivity errors.
  • When setting an OLE DB connection, and the data source server requires login credentials, the Allow saving password checkbox must be selected.