This connector is currently in beta and subject to change.

The Sisense Microsoft Dynamics Nav connector is a standalone connector that allows you to import data from Microsoft Dynamics Nav into the ElastiCube Manager. After you have downloaded and installed the connector, you can connect through a connection string you provide Sisense in the ElastiCube Manager. The connection string is used to authenticate users who connect to the Microsoft Dynamics Nav tables. To obtain a connection string, you will need to obtain your credentials from Microsoft Dynamics Nav.

Once you have connected to Microsoft Dynamics Nav, you can import a variety of tables from Microsoft Dynamics Nav.

This page describes how to install the Microsoft Dynamics Nav connector, how to connect to Microsoft Dynamics Nav with a connection string, and what tables you can import into the ElastiCube Manager:

Installing the Microsoft Dynamics Nav Connector

Sisense provides the Microsoft Dynamics Nav connector as a standalone connector that you can download and add to your list of default Sisense connectors.

To install the Microsoft Dynamics Nav connector:

  1. Contact us for the Microsoft Dynamics Nav installation file.
  2. Open the installation file and click Install.
  3. After the installation process is complete, click Close.

The Microsoft Dynamics Nav connector is displayed in the ElastiCube Manager under Add Data > Web Services.

Connecting to the Microsoft Dynamics Nav

The connection string used to connect to the Microsoft Dynamics Nav connects to various instances you have in the Microsoft Dynamics Nav. By providing your Microsoft Dynamics Nav credentials as values in the connection string, you can add data from your Microsoft Dynamic Nav tables to the ElastiCube.

The connection string can be set to a series of option=value strings separated by semicolons. If a connection string property value has special characters such as semicolons, single quotes, spaces, etc., then you must quote the value using either single or double quotes.

Connection options are case insensitive.

The connection string to be passed to Dynamics Nav must contain the following parameters:

URL: URL to the DynamicsNAV server organization root. For example, http://MyServer:7048.

User: The user who is authenticating to the Dynamics NAV server.

Password: The password used to authenticate to the Dynamics NAV server.

ServerInstance: The instance of the Dynamics NAV server. For example, DynamicsNAV71.

In addition, when the CacheLocation property is set, the driver will cache metadata to the specified file, ensuring that queries execute more quickly. CacheLocation specifies the path to the cache when caching to a file.

Note: Before the driver can connect with Dynamics NAV, OData services need to be enabled on the server. Once OData Services are enabled, the driver will be able to query any services that are published on the server.

If there is not a Service Default Company for the server, set the Company as well where Company is the company to submit queries against, for example, ‘CRONUS Canada, Inc.’. In a multitenant installation, specify the tenant Id in Tenant.

The connection string to connect to Microsoft Dynamics Nav has the following structure:


The following is an example of a Microsoft Dynamics Nav connection string:


To add Microsoft Dynamics Nav data:

  1. In ElastiCube Manager, click Add Data and then, Microsoft Dynamics Nav. The Connect to Microsoft Dynamics Nav window is displayed.
  2. In Datasource Connection String, enter your connection string.
  3. Click Connect to Server. Microsoft Dynamics Nav is displayed in the Select Database list.
  4. Click OK. Sisense connects to Microsoft Dynamics Nav and displays a list of tables available for you to import.
  5. Select the relevant tables and click Add.
  6. The tables are displayed in the ElastiCube Manager.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav Tables

Microsoft Dynamics Nav exposes the following Microsoft Dynamics Nav tables that you can import into the ElastiCube Manager through the Sisense Microsoft Dynamics Nav connector:

Available Tables

CompanyThe DynamicsNAV table Company.
CountryThe DynamicsNAV table Country.
CurrencyThe DynamicsNAV table Currency.
CustomerThe DynamicsNAV table Customer.
GeneralProductPostingThe DynamicsNAV table GeneralProductPosting.
PurchaseLinesThe DynamicsNAV table PurchaseLines.
PurchaseOrderThe DynamicsNAV table PurchaseOrder.
PurchaseOrderPurchLinesThe DynamicsNAV table PurchaseOrderPurchLines.
PurchaseOrdersThe DynamicsNAV table PurchaseOrders.
ResourceCardThe DynamicsNAV table ResourceCard.
SalesOrderThe DynamicsNAV table SalesOrder.