By default, the following message is provided in your email alert notifications:


The latest value in the KPI that you are monitoring is:



You can provide customized messages for your notifications when configuring your alert through the alert’s Advanced Settings.

The message you provide replaces the string: The latest value in the KPI that you are monitoring is:

For example, if your message is “The last value of my KPI is:” the message in your alert’s notification will be:


The last value of my KPI is:


To customize your notification’s text:

  1. For Build Alerts, select the alertnotify tab.

    For Data Alerts, select Advanced Optionsalertnotify.
  2. In the Message area, enter your custom text.
  3. Click Save. The next time a notification is sent, your custom message is displayed in the notification.

You can modify your alert notifications further including customizing the text and images displayed. For more information, see Rebranding Sisense Automated Emails.