You can customize the settings for your web server application during the installation process or after Sisense is installed.

For example, you can configure your server to use the Long index edition of Sisense if your ElastiCubes are expected to contain a table with over 300 million rows.

Note: You cannot customize the settings during an upgrade process. If you upgraded Sisense and want to customize settings, refer to the post-installation option described below.

To access the customization options during the installation process:

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To access the customization options after you have already installed Sisense:

  1. Open the Control Panel, and go to Programs > Programs and Features. Right-click Sisense, and click Change.
  2. Click Continue > Change Features, and define the settings as described below.



ElastiCube Server

Select the Long index edition if your ElastiCubes are expected to contain a table with over 300 million rows.

It is not recommended to use this configuration setting for ElastiCubes in which the largest table does not include at least 300 million rows.

Sisense Web Application

You must specify the Sisense Web Application Port and Website Name. Usually, if no other sites are running on the machine, you can use port 8081.

Note: In Sisense V6.7 Beta, the following options are no longer displayed.

There are three options for the server type:

  • Microsoft IIS Express – This is the default web server used to host the web application.
  • Microsoft IIS – This is recommended for production environments. In case there is an existing site with the same name, it will be overridden.
  • Manual – This is recommended when you have to manually set up your IIS. If this is selected during upgrades, the installation will keep the existing site details and configuration in the IIS.
    When using this setting, make sure to define the physical path of the IIS site to the new installation folder (C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb).