You can use the Sisense Server Console to perform various management tasks on your ElastiCubes, including:

To open the Sisense Server Console:

  • Right-click the systems tray and double-click the console icon. console icon
  • Click on the Windows start menu, and select All Programs > Sisense > Sisense Server Console.

ElastiCube data is stored in a default folder, which you can change in the Sisense Server Console.

Changing the Location of the ElastiCube Data Storage

To change the folder:

  1. From the Windows start menu, open the Sisense Server Console.
  2. In the top panel, click on the cog icon to view/change server preferences.
  3. Click Browse next to Default server data folder.
  4. Select the location of the folder where you want to store ElastiCube data, and click OK.

console new

Cancelling Running Queries

You can cancel all running queries in your ElastiCube to free up resources. This is useful in cases where your ElastiCube is consuming too many resources, and as a result, causing the Sisense web app to be unresponsive.

To cancel all queries:

  1. Click on the Windows start menu, and select All Programs > Sisense > Sisense Server Console.
  2. Click the relevant ElastiCube to view the menu panel.
  3. Click Cancel All Queries.

cancel all