When you no longer want to use ElastiCube, you can delete the ElastiCube through the Sisense Server Console.

Deleting an ElastiCube removes it from the server and the ElastiCube’s folder saved locally on your hard drive.

After an ElastiCube has been deleted, it cannot be restored.

Note: Any temporary folders that were saved locally during failed builds are not deleted when the ElastiCube is deleted and must be removed manually.

To delete an ElastiCube:

  1. In the ElastiCube Manager, open the Sisense Server Console by clicking Servers > Manage Servers.
  2. In the Sisense Server Console, click the ElastiCube you want to delete.
  3. If the server is running, click Stop.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Click Yes to confirm you want to delete the ElastiCube.