Downloading Sisense

If you want to try Sisense for the first time, sign up for the free trial at You will be prompted to download the installer.

Installing Sisense behind a Firewall

The standard installation requires internet access to download the necessary components. For machines behind a firewall, or without internet access, you can download and install the full self-contained installation file.

For detailed instructions, see Installing Sisense Offline.

Installing Sisense

The entire Sisense solution can be installed from one file, either locally or in a central place in your organization within a couple of minutes.

All Sisense components are installed with a default configuration, as follows:

  • Sisense Web Application
  • ElastiCube project manager
  • Sisense Server Console
  • ElastiCube Server
  • IIS Express as the web server hosting Sisense Web Application platform

Note: To install Sisense, you must have administrator privileges on the machine where you are installing Sisense and your environment must meet the minimum requirements.


Upgrading from an Older Version

If you are upgrading your version of Sisense, Sisense recommends you follow these guidelines before you begin the upgrade process:

  • Back up your ElastiCube data and Sisense web application’s back-end data on a regular basis, and before upgrading your Sisense version. Click here to learn more.
  • Install Sisense on a testing/staging environment and check all of your ElastiCubes and active dashboards. When you are sure that everything is working well, continue with the installation of the new version in your production environment.
  • If you have a multi-server environment, make sure all of your Sisense servers are running the same version to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Save all open ElastiCubes and close the ElastiCube Manager.
  • Verify that no one is currently designing a dashboard.
  • Declare a downtime of approximately 15 minutes and notify users.
  • Install the new version with the same user who installed the original Sisense version (with the same administrator privileges).

The Installation Process

To install Sisense:

  1. Open the downloaded executable file to run the installation.
  2. If you are not logged into Sisense, enter your username and password to confirm licensing and begin the installation process. If you are logged in already, the activation screen is not displayed.


  1. After entering your login details, select Get Everything to run the default installation:

everything new

If you are upgrading your version, click Upgrade.


See also:

If you need to customize your installation, see Customizing the Installation. You can customize your installation during the first installation or after an installation, but not during an upgrade.

If you want to install Sisense on a remote machine, see Performing a Silent Installation.

If you are migrating your installation to a different machine, see Migrating an installation.