Sisense’s embedded analytics solution is an end-to-end, single stack BI solution embedded within your application that lets your customers easily prepare, analyze and visualize complex data. Sisense’s embedded analytic solution offers built-in features and exposes a variety of functionality through several interfaces, such the Sisense JavaScript and REST APIs for customizing your integration.

You can accomplish the following through the Sisense embedded analytics solution:

  • Seamlessly integrate Sisense with your current interface and branding
  • Manage data, reporting and visualization
  • Integrate SSO and Active Directory
  • Govern user and data security
  • Support high availability

This documentation is intended for two audiences, product managers and developers. For product managers, those who want to enhance their products and applications with Sisense embedded analytics, this section describes the features and functionality Sisense offers as part of an embedded analytics solution. For developers, those who embed Sisense in the application, this section describes how to embed Sisense analytics through the relevant APIs.


When you embed Sisense analytics, you can provide your users with Sisense’s analytical capabilities such as data management, reporting and visualization, built into your business applications and solutions.

Each OEM has their own requirements when embedding Sisense’s analytic solution. This section covers the multiple ways in which Sisense’s OEM features can be embedded to provide BI capabilities in your applications. Sisense exposes functionality through several interfaces. For example, Sisense’s REST API allows you to white label Sisense and Sisense’s command shell allows you to couple Sisense with your on-premise installation to modify connection settings. You determine which features you want to embed according to the type of OEM services you provide to your customers.

The following table lists the various OEM-related tasks you can perform with Sisense and the description with links to the relevant documentation for completing each tasks:

Rebranding SisenseSisense enables you to white label the Sisense Web Application to display your company's logos and colors and mask the URL to display your company's domain.

For documentation regarding how you can customize and rebrand your Sisense solution, see the following topics:

White Labeling Sisense
Rebranding Sisense Automated Emails
Displaying Custom URLs
Embedding SisenseSisense also allows you to embed widgets and dashboards directly into your site or application through the use of iFrames or SisenseJS, Sisense's custom JavaScript library for embedding widgets.

For documentation regarding how you can embed Sisense, see the following topics:

Embedding Dashboards and Widgets via iFrames
Embedding Dashboards and Widgets via JavaScript


Before embedding Sisense analytics, you should keep in mind several considerations that may affect your design and deployment:

  • Users: Who will be using your application? This determines what interfaces need to be white labeled and which API calls you should leverage.
  • Performance: As with any deployment, you must provide sufficient CPU and memory on the client and the server for your anticipated user load.
  • Availability: What is your desired up-time and how many resources can you dedicate to maintaining system availability.