The ElastiCube Manager enables easy and quick access to tables contained within Google Sheets.

Note: If you are using Sisense V7  or later, you can find the update Google Sheets documentation here.

To connect to Google Sheets:

  1. Click the Add Data icon in the top menu of the ElastiCube Manager.
  2. Under the Web Services category, select Google Spreadsheets.
    Note: Make sure you are working with Sisense version or above. If you are working with a previous version and cannot connect to Google Sheets, click here to upgrade your Sisense version and learn how to refresh your data.

The following screen appears.

spreadsheet connect

  1. In the User Account field, enter your user account email.
  2. Click Get to obtain your Google 2-Step Verification code, and enter it in the Auth Code field.
  3. Click Connect to Server.
  4. From the Select Database drop-down list, select the relevant spreadsheet you want to work with and click OK.
  5. Select the checkbox next to each sheet you want to use.

Add Google spreadsheets_2

  1. Once all relevant tables are selected, click Add.