The following is a list of some of the terms defining license scope or product options that will be reflected on the Sales Order defining the license granted in the Software.

Administrator(s)” means the Authorized User(s) who are Personnel of Licensee who have the full authorization and access for server, user and data management.

“Advanced IT Package” means a set of features that are bundled in a license option for Authorized Servers, that is licensed hereunder if specified on the applicable Sales Order and that includes:

  1. SSO is defined at this link: /documentation/configuring-single-sign-sso/
  2. API is defined at the following links:
  3. SDK means the Software Development Kit, a component of the Software, which allows the development or configuration of the Software.

Authorized Users” means individual users granted access to use the Software on a named basis.  Each Authorized User shall receive a personal login and password which shall be maintained securely by Licensee from unauthorized use. The number of Authorized Users licensed hereunder is specified on the Sales Order(s) executed hereunder.

Authorized Servers” means the number of Licensee’s servers on which the Software may be installed as specified in the applicable Sales Order. For purposes of this Agreement, each Authorized Server shall be licensed for a specific number of Rows or Cores as specified on the applicable Sales Order.

Backup/Development Server” means a Software instance that is to be used for the sole purpose of development, backup, staging and other non-production uses and may not be used in any way for production use.

“Central Monitoring Service” means a set of features permitting monitoring by Licensee of certain technical aspects of the operation of the Software.  The features are bundled in a license option for Authorized Servers, that is licensed hereunder if specified on the applicable Sales Order. The features currently consist of:

  • Sisense Monitor:  a service that collects data about query, build and Authorized Server performance and displays this information in a dashboard to assist Licensee in monitoring and troubleshooting potential issues.
  • Note: Licensing of Authorized Servers with the Advanced IT Package is a prerequisite for licensing the Central Monitoring Service. The Advanced IT Package includes a license to permit use of the Central Monitoring Service on up to two (2) Authorized Servers. Use of the Central Monitoring Service on additional Authorized Servers must be purchased and reflected on the applicable Sales Order.

Core” shall be a collection of one or more processor threads and a set of shared execution resources. A processor thread is the architectural state within a processor that tracks execution of a software program thread/task.  Hyperthreading and other current and future technologies that materially expand the processing capacity of a Core shall not be permitted to increase the licensed processing capacity of the Core-based licenses granted under this Agreement unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

Dashboards” means the graphic representation of data extracted from the data source(s) ingested into the Software as designed and created by Designers and/or Administrators using the Software in accordance with this Agreement.

Designer(s)” means the Authorized User(s) who are Personnel of Licensee that are authorized to create, edit and share Dashboards.

Natural Language Package” means a set of natural language generation features available for license as an add-on to the Authorized Server licenses as described in the Documentation.

Personnel” shall mean employees and contractors of Licensee where such personnel’s access to the Software and/or the Bundled Software is controlled by Licensee.

Row”shall be a single record in a table of a Sisense ElastiCube. For licensing purposes, only Rows in tables that were added to the ElastiCube from external sources are counted (i.e., Base table). If a base table is used by several ElastiCubes, it is counted only once.

Viewer(s)” means the Authorized User(s) who are Personnel of Licensee that are authorized to view and filter the Dashboards that Designers share with them via a standard web browser. An Unlimited Viewer license allows unlimited Viewers to be authorized to access the specified Authorized Server. Please note that while there is no legal limit to the number of Viewers, the technical capacity of the server may limit the number of Viewers that may actually access the Authorized Server.