After you have created alerts or added tiles to Sisense Pulse, you can manage those tiles from Sisense Pulse. Through the Sisense Pulse page, you can duplicate alerts and modify them, disable notifications, and delete alerts.

Duplicating Tiles in Sisense Pulse

You can create copies of alerts and modify them to quickly generate new alerts with different notification messages or notify various groups across separate channels.

For example, if you want to notify Group 1 via email and Group 2 via Slack when the same event occurs, you can duplicate an alert and modify the notification channel.

To duplicate a tile:

  1. In the Sisense Web Application, select Pulse.
  2. In the relevant alert’s menu, select Duplicate. A copy of the alert is created and the Add to Pulse window is displayed.


You can modify the alert’s settings from the Add to Pulse window. For more information about these settings, click here.

Deactivating Your Notifications

Each time you add a tile to Sisense Pulse or create an alert, by default, you will receive notifications when the event is triggered. If you want to just monitor KPIs from Sisense Pulse, or you do not what an receive any notifications, you can disable notifications from being sent by toggling the notifications. When you toggle the notifications, you no longer receives notifications when an alert is triggered, however, other users with whom the alert was shared will continue to be notified. See Deactivating Notifications for All Users to turn off notifications for everyone associated with an alert.

To deactivate notifications:

  1. In the Sisense Web Application, select Pulse.
  2. From the Tile menu of the relevant alert, toggle Receive Notifications.

Deactivating Notifications for All Users

If you have added an alert that is no longer relevant or you want to deactivate the alert for all users, you can turn off the alert.

When you turn off an alert, no users are notified when the event that triggers the alert occurs.

To deactivate notifications for all users:

  1. In the Sisense Web Application, select Pulse.
  2. From the Tile menu of the relevant alert, select Turn Off. A confirmation dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to turn off all notifications for the alert. The alert is turned off.

Alerts that have been turned off appear in the Pulse page as shaded tiles. You can reactivate the alert by selecting Turn On from the Tile menu.

Deleting Tiles in Sisense Pulse

When a tile is no longer needed, you can delete the tile through the Sisense Pulse page.

Deleting an alert removes it from the Sisense Pulse page and users are no longer notified.

To delete an alert:

  1. In the Sisense Web Application, select Pulse.
  2. In the relevant alert’s menu, select Delete.

Removing Sisense Pulse

You can remove the Sisense Pulse through the Sisense REST API. Removing Sisense Pulse removes the Pulse page from the Sisense Web Application and deactivates all the alerts defined in Sisense Pulse.

To remove Sisense Pulse:

  1. Access the Sisense REST API.
  2. In version 1.0 of the REST API, select the PATCH Dashboard endpoint, /features/{key}/toggle.
  3. In the Authorization field, enter your Sisense authorization key.  The value of this field is the user’s API token, preceded by the keyword Bearer (with a space between it and the token). For information about how to retrieve this key, see Using the REST API.
  4. In the key field, enter the name of the feature to be enabled or disabled. In the case of Sisense Pulse, the key is alerting. You can retrieve the available features that you can toggle from the GET /features endpoint.
  5. In the toggleFeature field, set the active key value as true or false to enable (true) or disable (false) a feature.
  6. Click RUN to toggle the alert.