This topic describes two separate, but related procedures, backing up a Sisense installation and migrating a Sisense installation from one machine to another.

Backing up your installation is recommended before a migration process, but also on a regular basis for securing your data and Sisense configurations.

You may need to migrate your entire setup when moving from a staging/development environment to a production environment, when upgrading hardware, etc.

Note: If you have advanced and/or customized web configurations, such as SSL, SSO, redirects, etc., consult Sisense through the Help Center.

Backing Up a Sisense Installation

The backup process requires backing up your ElastiCubes and the Sisense Web Application.

In addition, if you have any custom plugins located in the directory C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins, this folder should be backed up as well.

The procedures below describe how to back up your ElastiCubes and the Sisense Web Application.

Backing Up Your ElastiCubes

Your ElastiCube Server contains information about your ElastiCubes, including the schema and the data that was imported when the ElastiCube was built. This information is saved in a collection of folders stored in the ElastiCube Data folder. The files and folders in the ElastiCube Data must be saved and their structured maintained to ensure your implementation will work as expected on the migrated machine.

To back your ElastiCubes:

  1. Open the directory:
    Note: This is the default path. To check which path is being used, open the Sisense Server Console and click on the Server Preferences icon  to verify the correct path.
  2. Copy the data to your backup location.

Backing Up the Sisense Web Application

The Sisense Web Application uses information stored in an instance on the Sisense application database where the Sisense Web Application is installed. This instance stores data about users, dashboards, widgets, and other information. This information must be stored to ensure your Sisense Web Application runs properly.

To back up the Sisense Web Application:

  1. Open the directory:
    For Sisense V6.6.1 and earlier:
    For Sisense V6.7 and later:
  2. Copy the data to your backup location maintaining the same file structure.
  3. (Optional) Back up your custom plugins by copying the directory:
    C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins
    and saving it in the appropriate folder the new server.

For information on how to automate the backup process, see Automatically Backup Sisense Web Data.

Migrating a Sisense Installation

The migration process involves migrating both the Sisense application database and your ElastiCubes.

Additionally, if you are using plugins, you will need to replace the Plugins folder with your current plugins located at C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\plugins.

Migrating ElastiCubes

The ElastiCube Server contains your ElastiCubes. To migrate ElastiCubes, you must export them as .ecdata files and import them into your new environment. If the data sources that support the ElastiCube are at a different location than they were on your original server, the ElastiCube’s connectivity settings must be updated.

To migrate your ElastiCubes:

  1. Declare downtime to avoid the loss of work during the process and stopping the IIS service. You can stop the IIS service by running the command iisreset /stop in the Command Prompt as an Administrator. Do not close the Command Prompt as you will need it in Step 3.
  2. Export and import your .ecdata files. See Importing and Exporting Elasticube Data for more information.
  3. In the Command Prompt, run the command iisreset /start to restart your IIS Server.
  4. If the database location was changed as well, modify the connectivity settings. Click here to learn how.

Sisense Web Application

To migrate your Sisense Web Application configuration, you must copy several configuration files from the current environment and migrate these files to the new environment in the same directories. These configuration files are used by Sisense to allow communication between the Sisense application database and the Sisense Web Application.

To migrate the Sisense Web Application:

  1. Back up the old environment, open your machine’s Control Panel, and go to System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services, and stop the SisenseRepository service (this will make the website inaccessible).
  2. Create a copy of the following directories:
    For Sisense V6.6.1 and earlier:%ProgramData%\Sisense\PrismWeb\DB\ProdFor Sisense V6.7 and later:%ProgramData%\Sisense\PrismWeb\Repository

    Replace the existing Repository directory in the new environment with the one you backed up.Create copies of the following configuration files and paste them into the same directories in the new environment:

    • %ProgramFiles%\Sisense\PrismWeb\vnext\config\default.yaml
    • %ProgramFiles%\Sisense\Infra\MongoDB\mongodbconfig.conf
    • %ProgramFiles%\Sisense\PrismWeb\App_Data\Configurations\db.config
  3. Start the SisenseRepository service. Your Sisense configuration has now been migrated to the new environment.