With the Sisense REST API, you and your customers can share dashboards programmatically through your native application. This allows you to publish shared interactive dashboards with your customers and enable your customers to view the dashboards within the Sisense Web Application. Dashboard recipients can edit the dashboard, but the changes they make in the dashboard do not affect the original dashboard. The recipient’s changes are automatically performed on a separate copy of the dashboard to which only they have access. You, as the owner of the dashboard, can overwrite your recipients’ local changes by setting the parameter Force in the REST API to True.

To publish a shared dashboard through the REST API:

  1. Access the Sisense REST API.
  2. In version 1.0 of the REST API, select the POST Dashboard call, /dashboards/{id}/publish.
  3. In the Authorization field, enter your Sisense authorization key.  The value of this field is the user’s API token, preceded by the keyword Bearer (with a space between it and the token). For information about how to retrieve this key, see Using the REST API.
  4. In the ID field, enter the ID of the dashboard you want to share. You can find the dashboard ID from the URL of the dashboard. For example, the ID of the dashboard below if:
  5. (Optional) In the Force field, select true to display the published version of the dashboard. This overrides any local changes the recipient has made to the dashboard locally.
  6. Click RUN to publish the shared dashboard.