This page describes how to upgrade from Prism V4.X to Sisense V5, and which considerations to take in mind.

Upgrading from V4.5 to V5 is supported starting from build


Supported Operating Systems

Supported Web Browsers

4.7 Improvements

Understanding the differences between V4 and V5

Upgrading Production Environments

Accessing the V4 & V5 Web Environments

Downgrading back to V4

Javascript Extensions changes


Sisense V5 represents a major shift in technology from V4. It includes a brand new browser based dashboard creation environment, moving Sisense from the desktop to the Web. As a result, existing dashboards that were created in BI Studio are not compatible with the new V5 Web environment. To enjoy the benefits of V5, you will have to create new dashboards with it, or recreate your existing ones. To make the transition easier, Sisense V5 also includes the V4 environment. After you upgrade, you can keep working with your existing dashboards just like you are used to. In parallel, you can use Sisense V5. Note: ElastiCubes and the ElasiCube Manager are left unchanged in V5. You can keep using your existing ElastiCubes seamlessly.

Supported Operating Systems

Sisense can be installed on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows Server 2008 and up

The Sisense Web Application can be used on any operating system from a supported browser as described below.

Supported Web Browsers

The Sisense Web Application runs in the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and up
  • Google CHROME
  • Firefox
  • Safari version 6 and up

4.7 Improvements

When upgrading, you will also benefit from some new features that affect V4 usage as well. New features:

  • Statistical Functions – Median, Standard Variation and more are available in BI Studio and ElastiCube Manager. See the full list here.
  • Multiple CSV Import – It is now possible to import multiple csv files into an ElastiCube table. Read more here.

Understanding the differences between V4 and V5

Contributors and Consumers

User roles have slightly changed. Instead of Authors/Viewers Sisense V5 have contributors/consumers.

Read more here.

Dashboard Layout

Sisense V5 uses a smart grid for placing widgets in a dashboard. There is no 100% free-form canvas like in BI Studio, which means you are bound to the smart grid and can’t control where each widget is placed by the pixel. Many different layouts are still possible, but it’s much harder to create a cluttered and incomprehensible dashboard. Read more about V5 dashboard layout here.


While BI Studio pretty much offer an unlimited number of coloring options, Sisense 5 provides less in terms of coloring options.  This, again, to avoid messy and unreadable dashboards.  CSS can be used to further customize formatting, if required.

Read more here

No psm files

Since V5 is web based, there are no files saved on disk for dashboards, like psm files in BI Studio. To export and import dashboards between different servers, you can export/import the dashboards from the V5 web application.

Read more here

Multiple ElastiCubes on the same dashboard

Sisense 5 allows this, but it is more limited than 4.7.  You can add widgets from multiple ElastiCubes, but filters can only be added from the primary data source.  This will be addressed in upcoming releases.

Action Widgets

BI Studio actions widgets like ‘Refresh Sheet’ and ‘Jump To Page’ no longer exist, but similar functionality can be achieved via the APIs.

Widget Interconnectivity

In BI Studio you can have full freedom in defining widget interconnectivity. Each widget can control any widget, and be controlled by any widget. In Sisense V5 filters work differently. There are dashboard filters and widget filters. Dashboard filters always affect the global scope, and widgets can disconnect themselves from any of the dashboard filters. Widget filters only affect the widget they are defined on.

Read more here

Cascading Filters

In BI Studio you can create a hierarchy of filters that affect each other, thus refining your selections from filter to filter. This functionality isn’t available for filters in V5 yet, and will be addressed in upcoming releases.

Supported Browsers

Upgrading Production Environments

Backup and Staging

For production environments it is recommended to take extra caution and back up the following folders before upgrading:

  • C:\Program Files\Sisense
  • C:\ProgramData\Sisense
  • %appdata%\Sisense\Prism

It is also recommended to first upgrade a staging environment and verify that everything works as expected.

Manual Setup Configuration

If you have installed Prism 4.X with the ‘manual’ configuration and/or manually configured your IIS website, upgrading will not migrate your existing user and dashboard info to V5.

Please contact us through our Help Center for details on how to upgrade manually configured Prism V4.X installations.

Configuring Domain or URL alias

If you have manually configured a DNS or URL alias in V4.X, you have to manually reconfigure it in V5, as described here.

Using an external ip from the same machine

If you do need to access Prism V4.X from the same machine via an external ip/domain, you will have to consult your IT on rerouting the system’s host.config file to allow this.

SSL deployments

For SSL to work for both V4 & V5 environments in parallel, internal HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443) communication must be enabled. If your corporate firewall blocks these internal communication types you will not be able to use the product.

Active Directory Integration

Active directory migration has to be manually done. Please contact us through our Help Center for help with migration Active Directory environments.

Accessing the V4 & V5 Web Environments

To access the V4 environment do one of the following:

  • Open Prism Web from the start menu
  • Go to “http://localhost:<port>/dashboards/”
  • Click on the “Prism V4” link from the left of the V5 environment.
    V4 Link

Note: You still need a Sisense V5 compliant web browser to access the V4.7 environment. 

To access the V5 environment do one of the following:

  • Open ‘Sisense’ from the start menu
  • Go to http://localhost:<port>/
  • Click on the “Go To Sisense V5” link from the top right of the V4 web environment.
    V5 Link

Downgrading back to V4

To downgrade, follow the following steps:

1 – Uninstall your existing V5 installation.
2 – Re-Install Prism V4.X
3 – Open the following file with a text editor: “C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\App_Data\Configurations\db.config”

At the top of the file you will see this property: DataProvidersName=”MongoProvider” You need to replace “MongoProvider” with the database provider that you use:

  • PrismEntitiesCompact – This is the default value. Use this if you haven’t changed the default database configuration settings.
  • “PrismEntitiesMSSQL2008R2” – For Sql Server 2008 R2
  • “PrismEntitiesMSSQL2008” – For Sql Server 2008
  • “PrismEntitiesMSSQL2005” – For Sql Server 2005

4 – Open the windows Command Prompt window with administrative privileges, and enter “iisreset”.

Now your installation is back to the exact state it was before upgrading to V5.

Javascript extensions changes

Slight change to the Javascript API:

When running custom jaql queries, the ‘result’ return object has changed.

Instead of returning an array of data values, it returns an array of { data, text } objects:

        function(result) {
            var newCellData = result[0][0].data;
            var newCellDataAsText = result[0][0].text;