The Sunburst widget is similar to a pie chart but is multi-dimensional. Whereas a pie chart combines one field and one numeric value, the Sunburst widget can display multiple rings, one for each field. Each ring in the Sunburst shows a breakdown of its parent ring slice.

Adding Data

  1. In the CATEGORIES panel, select the fields whose values will be represented as slices of the ring.

Typically, the CATEGORIES of a SUNBURST widget contain descriptive data. Multiple fields can be added, so that each field is represented as a ring whose values are broken up by its parent ring slice.

You can reorder the fields using drag and drop.

  1. In the VALUES panel, click ADD + to select the field whose values determine the size of the ring. VALUES are typically used to represent numeric data.

You can only add one field.

Designing the Sunburst Widget

Fine-tune the appearance of the SUNBURST widget using the following tools.

  • CENTER: Select which info is presented in the center of the Sunburst widget when hovering over a ring slice:
    • Value – Show the actual numeric value associated with the selected slice.
    • Contribution – Show the contribution (percentage) of the selected slice to the entire field.
    • Contribution to parent – Show the contribution (percentage) of the selected slice to its parent ring slice.
  • TOOLTIP: Determine whether to show the actual value or contribution in the slice tooltip when hovering over it.
  • LEGEND: Specify whether to show or hide the LEGEND, and select its position in the widget.