Create custom SQL queries to manipulate the data that you want to import, for example:

  • Import selected data only, to save import and build times in cases where you do not require all the data.
  • Perform various procedures in the database such as table joins.

After pushing your custom query, you can preview the updated tables before importing the data into the ElastiCube.

Learn more about Sisense’s SQL server connector.


  • This feature is available for the following relational databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Amazon Redshift.
  • This feature runs a query in the source database, which may require a lot of processing power from your database, especially for complex queries.

To create a custom SQL query:

  1. After connecting to your data, click Edit.
  2. Select Manual Query Input, and type in your query.
  3. Click Apply Table. Your preview will update to reflect the query.
  4. You can now click Add to import the data based on your SQL query.