Creating a New Dashboard

The following procedure describes how to create a new dashboard. This process automatically guides you through the creation of your first widget using a Widget Wizard.

Note: Each Sisense dashboard is based on the data selected from an ElastiCube(s). The instructions below assume that the required ElastiCube(s) have already been created using the ElastiCube Manager. You can also use the sample ElastiCubes that are installed with Sisense if you have not created your own.

To create a dashboard:

  1. You can add a new dashboard using one of the following methods:
    • In the home page, click NEW DASHBOARD.
    • Hover over MY DASHBOARDS in the HOME page and click the ‘+’ symbol. Select New Dashboard from the menu.
    • Right-click anywhere in the dashboards list, and select New Dashboard.
      new dash 
  1. In the CHOOSE ELASTICUBE field, select the ElastiCube you want to work with.
  2. In the SET A TITLE field, enter a name for this Dashboard. This name will appear at the top of the Dashboard and in the MY DASHBOARDS list.
  3. Click the CREATE button.


You are then automatically guided through the process of creating your first widget in the Widget Wizard, as described in Adding Widgets to a Dashboard.