Menu options in the ElastiCube Manager are located on the top panel.  Below are descriptions of the main menu items.


Your data model or schema is saved in an ecube file. ecube files contain the schema and the data connection settings required for building your ElastiCube.  The ecube file does not contain the raw data. After building your ElastiCube from an ecube file, your ElastiCube with the data is stored in an ecdata file.

  • Files: Open and save ElastiCube schema diagrams (ecube files)
  • Recent Files: Access a recently used schema diagram.

Add Data

The Add Data menu controls access to multiple data sources.

  • Database servers: Includes data connectors for traditional and generic databases such as MS SQL and Oracle.
  • Files: Includes data connectors for data files like Excel and Access.
  • Web Services: Includes data connectors for web-based services like Google Analytics and SalesForce.
  • Custom: Custom SQL tables can be generated based on tables and data within the schema.


  • Provides access to build settings to import data into ElastiCube.


  • Opens the Sisense web app to begin designing the dashboard.


  • Build ElastiCube: Provides access to build settings.
  • Build Settings: Provides options to change connectivity to data sources, schedule builds and run custom plugins.


  • Lists available Sisense server consoles and associated ElastiCubes that can be edited or deleted.


  • Automatically rearranges the layout of tables in the schema diagram.

ElastiCube Manager Menu

See also Managing Tables.