This chapter describes how to manage and share Dashboards.

This chapter is only for Sisense users who have dashboard editing rights (Designers).

Organizing Dashboards in Folders

You can organize your dashboards into folders and sub-folders within any of your folders to improve how your viewers navigate the Dashboard list.

To create a folder:

  1. In the Dashboard list, click + and select New Folder.

    add folder
    The new folder is added to the dashboards list.

  2. Hover over the new folder and click menu  > Rename to name the folder.
    To create additional sub-folders within your folders, hover over the folder and select > New Folder and repeat Step 2.
    Sub Folders

Locating a Dashboard

You can quickly and easily locate dashboards without having to navigate through your entire list of dashboards. When you enter any characters in the Search field, the list of dashboards is filtered according to the characters found within your dashboard titles.

To locate a dashboard:

  1. In the Dashboard list, click Magnifying Glass Icon to display the Search field.
  2. In the Search field, enter the title of your dashboard. Any dashboards that contain the characters you entered are displayed.

Deleting a Dashboard

To delete a Dashboard:

  • Click on the menu menu button of the Dashboard to be deleted in the list in the HOME page, and select Delete.

    Click the Dashboard Menu menu button and select Delete Dashboard.

Copying a Dashboard

Copying a dashboard (even one that was shared with you) creates a new copy of the dashboard with a different name. This new dashboard is totally separate from the original and you are its owner, meaning that you have full editing rights. When you copy a dashboard, the new dashboard is added below the copied dashboard in your Dashboard list with the same name plus a number in the order it was created.

For example, Tutorial(1) and Tutorial(2) are copies of Tutorial, while Tutorial(2)(1) is a copy of Tutorial(2):

Copied Dashboard

To copy a Dashboard:

  • Right-click the dashboard’s name in the Dashboard list in the HOME page and select Make a Copy.